MOSC is the name of our project Mosaic, which is mainly an NFT project initiated and supported by community members.The initiators of our project are two artists from the field of traditional art.

As early participants in cryptocurrency, we know that many people missed out on some excellent projects long ago. However, the NFT market gives us this opportunity again, and our team is working on this matter.

We hope to combine traditional tokens with our projects in a simple way. Of course, these are inseparable from the joint support of our community and other communities. In the coming days, we will start to develop technology and communicate with other communities. As an NFT project, it is difficult to succeed without a community and fans.

For MOSC, we hope to achieve our goal through the simplest art form, including simple entertainment. The project will include the gameplay of Simulation Game and the style of card game. Designed by simple mosaic style art. Most importantly, we need to get authorization and support from other token project parties. This will be most beneficial to our development.

Thanks to all community members who supported our early development.

Mosaic will be your most interesting experience